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tone[i] = 1:tone[i]++; } col1 = hexc[Math.floor(chidn[i]/16)]; col2 = hexc[chidn[i]%16]; tored = ''; toblue = ''; for (j=1; j<tone[i]; j++) tored+='00'; for (j=3; j>tone[i]; j--) toblue+='00'; chidc[i] = '#'+tored+col1+col2+toblue; td = eval('document.all.chcol'+i); td.style.backgroundColor = chidc[i]; } setTimeout('chcol()',100); } } // End --> </script> <center> <table cellspacing=2 cellpadding=0 bgcolor=#999999 width=978> <tr> <td width=33% align=center id=chcol0 name=id=chcol0><a href="../Karta.htm" title="websaite-card: http://balatsky.ru"> <font color=white><b> " BALATSKY.RU</b></font></td> <td width=33% align=center id=chcol1 name=id=chcol0><a href="../home/index.html" title="Nikolay Balatsky  main page"> <font color=white><b>/ !" &</b></font></td> <td width=33% align=center id=chcol2 name=id=chcol0><a href="../Publications/Literatura.htm" title="B8FK, :C:CH:8 >AA88, >>;>38O, B0:A>=><8O"> <font color=white><b>#'+ #&</b></font></a> </td> </tr> </table> </center> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> <!-- Begin chcol(); // End --> </script> <SCRIPT language=javascript src="bestial/overlib_mini.js" type=text/javascript></SCRIPT> </fieldset> <fieldset><div class="vrezka"> <p align="center"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="3" color="#660000">0;0F:89 8:>;09 8:>;0528G</font></p> <p align="center"><B><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="7" color="#660000">"&+ ! ! !"</font></B></p> <br> <p class=MsoBodyTextIndent style='margin-right:4.55pt;margin-left:4.25pt; text-indent:0.05pt;line-height:15.0pt;mso-line-height-rule:exactly'><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2" color="#660000"><b>>2>A818@A:0O >1;0ABL @0A?>;>65=0 =0 N3>-2>AB>:5 0?04=>9 !818@8 8 70=8<05B 1% B5@@8B>@88 >AA88. 7 <a href="../Birds-Russia.htm" title="Birds of Russia"><b>838</b></a> 284>2 ?B8F, >B<5G5==KE 2 >AA89A:>9 $545@0F88, 2 :@05 2AB@5G05BAO 1>;55 360. -B> >1JOA=O5BAO C40G=K< 35>3@0D8G5A:8< ?>;>65=85< 2 F5=B@0;L=>9 G0AB8 <A class=a_t onmouseover="ddrivetip('<div class=\'winopen\'><img src=\'AVES.files/151.gif\' class=\'im\' width=\'767\' height=\'556\' align=\'left\' style=\'margin-right:5pt;\'></div>','Floralwhite')" onmouseout=hideddrivetip() ><img border=1 width=312 height=178 src="AVES.files/15.png" align="right" HSPACE=3 VSPACE=2 alt=">2>A818@A:0O >1;0ABL =0 B5@@8B>@88 $"></A> 2@0788, B@5<O ?@8@>4=K<8 7>=0<8 (;5A=0O, ;5A>AB5?=0O, AB5?=0O) 8 1>;LH8< @07=>>1@0785< ;0=4H0DB>2, 2:;NG0O 0?04=K5 >B@>38 !0;08@A:>3> :@O60. '5@57 >7Q@0 0@018=A:>9 =87<5==>AB8, 2:;NG0O >75@> '0=K, ?@>;530NB ?CB8 <83@0F88 <=>38E ?B8F, 3=574OI8EAO 70?04=55, 2>AB>G=55 8 2 A525@=KE >1;0ABOE 0?04=>9 !818@8. >2>A818@A:0O >1;0ABL O2;O5BAO <a href="kotr.htm"><b> :;NG52>9</b></a> >@=8B>;>38G5A:>9 B5@@8B>@859 <564C=0@>4=>3> 7=0G5=8O.  :@05 2AB@5G0NBAO :0: A0<K5 <0;5=L:85 87 =0H8E ?B8F  65;B>3>;>2K9 :>@>;Q: 8 :>@>;L:>20O ?5=>G:0, B0: 8 =081>;55 :@C?=K5  ;51548 8 ?5;8:0=K. 865 ?@8254Q= >1=>2;O5<K9 A?8A>: 028D0C=K >2>A818@A:>9 >1;0AB8, 2:;NG0O 0::;8<0B878@>20==K5 284K. 53=574OI85AO 284K ?B8F >B<5G5=K 72Q74>G:>9*. 84K ?B8F, 70=5AQ==K5 8 @07<5IQ==K5 2 @0A=>9 :=835 !, 2008  <a href="2008_redbook.htm" title="@0A=0O :=830 !"><b>Red book</b></a>. @0B:85 284>2K5 >G5@:8 ?> 18>;>388 ?B8F  <b><font color="#669933">>G5@:</font></b>, 2 G5@B5 >2>A818@A:0  <a href="Nsk_aves.htm" title="AB@5G0NBAO 2 G5@B5 3>@>40 >2>A818@A:0"><b><small><font color="#000000">[A:]</font></small></b></a>. </font></p> </fieldset> <fieldset><legend><small>www.balatsky.ru - "0:A>=><8G5A:89 A?8A>:. 23CAB 2018</small></legend><div class="vrezka"> <br><br> <P><font face="PT Sans, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> <OL style="MARGIN-TOP: 0cm" type=1; FACE: ARIAL> <H1>" / /!"  +  ACCIPITRIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!" !+  PANDIONIDAE <font size="4">Bonaparte, 1854</font></H2> <H4> >4 !:>?0  <i>Pandion</i> Savigny, 1809</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Pandion haliaetus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  !:>?0 <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves021.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H2>!!" /!" +  ACCIPITRIDAE <font size="4"> Vigors, 1824</font></H2> <H5>!!" !+  PERNINAE <font size="2">Blyth, 1851</font></H5> <H4> >4 A>54  <i>Pernis</i> Cuvier, 1817</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Pernis apivorus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  A>54 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Pernis-apivorus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Pernis ptilorhynchus</i> (Temminck, 1821)  %>E;0BK9 >A>54 <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves022.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H5>!!"  (#+  MILVINAE <font size="2">Vigors, 1824</font></H5> <H4> >4 >@HC=  <i>Milvus</i> Lac&eacute;p&egrave;de, 1799</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Milvus lineatus</i> (J.E. Gray, 1831)  'Q@=>CE89 :>@HC= <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Milvus-lineatus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H5>!!" #+  CIRCINAE <font size="2">Sundevall, 1836</font></H5> <H4> >4 C=L  <i>Circus</i> Lac&eacute;p&egrave;de, 1799</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Circus cyaneus</i> (Linnaeus, 1766)  >;52>9 ;C=L <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Circus-cyaneus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Circus macrourus</i> (S. G. Gmelin, 1771)  !B5?=>9 ;C=L <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Circus-macrourus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves023.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Circus pigargus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  C3>2>9 ;C=L <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Circus-pigargus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves024.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Circus aeruginosus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >;>B=K9 ;C=L <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Circus-aeruginosus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H5>!!" "" /"+  ASTURINAE <font size="2">Lesson, 1828</font></H5> <H4> >4 "5B5@52OB=8:  <i>Astur</i> Lac&eacute;p&egrave;de, 1799</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Astur gentilis</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  "5B5@52OB=8: <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Astur-gentilis.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H5>!!" /!" +  ACCIPITRINAE <font size="2">Vigors, 1824</font></H5> <H4> >4 5@5?5;OB=8:  <i>Accipiter</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3> <i>Accipiter nisus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  5@5?5;OB=8: <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Accipiter-nisus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3> <i>Accipiter gularis</i> (Temminck et Schlegel, 1844)  0;K9 ?5@5?5;OB=8:</H3> <H5>!!" .+  BUTEONINAE <font size="2">Vigors, 1824</font></H5> <H4> >4 0=N:  <i>Buteo</i> Lac&eacute;p&egrave;de, 1799</H4> <LI> <H3> <i>Buteo lagopus</i> (Pontoppidan, 1763)  8<=O:* <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Buteo-lagopus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3> <i>Buteo hemilasius</i> Temminck et Schlegel, 1844  >E=>=>389 :C@30==8:*</H3> <LI> <H3> <i>Buteo rufinus</i> (Cretzschmar, 1829)  C@30==8:* <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves032.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <LI> <H3> <i>Buteo buteo</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  1K:=>25==K9 :0=N: <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Buteo-buteo.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H5>!!" /+  CIRCAETINAE <font size="2">Blyth, 1851</font></H5> <H4> >4 <5O54  <i>Circaetus</i> Vieillot, 1816</H4> <LI> <H3> <i>Circaetus gallicus</i> (J.F. Gmelin, 1788)  <5O54* <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves025.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H5>!!"  +  AQUILINAE <font size="2">Vigors, 1825</font></H5> <H4> >4 /AB@518=K9 >@Q;  <i>Hieraaetus</i> Kaup, 1844</H4> <LI> <H3> <i>Hieraaetus pennatus</i> (J. F. Gmelin, 1788)  @Q;-:0@;8: <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves026.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H4> >4 >4>@;8:  <i>Clanga</i> Adamowicz, 1857</H4> <LI> <H3> <i>Clanga clanga</i> (Pallas, 1811)  >;LH>9 ?>4>@;8: <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Clanga-clanga.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves028.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 @Q;  <i>Aquila</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3> <i>Aquila nipalensis</i> Hodgson, 1833  !B5?=>9 >@Q; <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Aquila-nipalensis.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves027.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <LI> <H3> <i>Aquila heliaca</i> Savigny, 1809  >38;L=8: <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves029.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <LI> <H3><i> Aquila chrysaetos</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  5@:CB <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Aquila-chrysaetos.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves030.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H4> >4 @;0=  <i>Haliaeetus</i> Savigny, 1809</H4> <LI> <H3> <i>Haliaeetus albicilla</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  5;>E2>ABK9 >@;0= <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Haliaeetus-albicilla.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves031.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H5>!!"  $+  AEGYPIINAE <font size="2">W.P. Sclater, 1924</font></H5> <H4> >4 @8D  <i>Aegypius</i> Savigny, 1809</H4> <LI> <H3> <i>Aegypius monachus</i> (Linnaeus, 1766)  'Q@=K9 3@8D*</H3> <H5>!!" !+  GYPIINAE <font size="2">Blyth, 1851</font></H5> <H4> >4 !8?  <i>Gyps</i> Savigny, 1809</H4> <LI> <H3> <i>Gyps fulvus</i> (Hablizl, 1783)  5;>3>;>2K9 A8?*</H3> <H2>!!"  '+  GYPAETIDAE<font size="4"> Bonaparte, 1831 </font></H2> <H5>!!" !" /"+  NEOPHRONINAE <font size="2">Gray et Gray, 1848</font></H5> <H4> >4 !B5@2OB=8:  <i>Neophron</i> Savigny, 1809</H4> <LI> <H3> <i>Neophron percnopterus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  !B5@2OB=8:*</H3> <br> <H1>" / ! +  FALCONIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!" !+  FALCONIDAE<font size="4"> Leach , 1820 </font></H2> <H5>!!" !+  FALCONINAE <font size="2">Leach, 1820</font></H5> <H4> >4 @5G5B  <i>Hierofalco</i> Cuvier, 1817</H4> <LI> <H3> <i>Hierofalco rusticolus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  @5G5B* <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves033.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <LI> <H3> <i>Hierofalco cherrug</i> (J.E. Gray, 1834)  0;>10=* <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Hierofalco-cherrug.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves034.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H4> >4 !0?A0=  <i>Rhynchodon</i> Nitzsch, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3> <i>Rhynchodon peregrinus</i> (Tunstall, 1771)  !0?A0= <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Rhynchodon-peregrinus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves035.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 !>:>;  <i>Falco</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3> <i>Falco subbuteo</i> Linnaeus, 1758  '53;>: <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Falco-subbuteo.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 5@1=8:  <i>Tinnunculus</i> Vieillot, 1807</H4> <LI> <H3> <i>Tinnunculus columbarius</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  5@1=8: <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Tinnunculus-columbarius.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves036.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 >1G8:  <i>Erythropus</i> C.L. Brehm, 1828</H4> <LI> <H3> <i>Erythropus vespertinus</i> (Linnaeus, 1766)  >1G8: <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Erythropus-vespertinus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves037.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 CAB5;L30  <i>Cerchneis</i> Boie, 1826</H4> <LI> <H3> <i>Cerchneis naumanni</i> (Fleischer, 1818)  !B5?=0O ?CAB5;L30 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Cerchneis-naumanni.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> </H3> <LI> <H3> <i>Cerchneis tinnunculus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  1K:=>25==0O ?CAB5;L30 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Cerchneis-tinnunculus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H1>" / #  +  GALLIIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!" "" +  TETRAONIDAE<font size="4"> Leach, 1820 </font></H2> <H4> >4 5;0O :C@>?0B:0  <i>Lagopus</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Lagopus lagopus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  5;0O :C@>?0B:0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Lagopus-lagopus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> </H3> <H4> >4 "5B5@52  <i>Lyrurus</i> Swainson, 1831</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Lyrurus tetrix</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  "5B5@52 </H3> <H4> >4 ;CE0@L  <i>Tetrao</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Tetrao urogallus</i> Linnaeus, 1758  ;CE0@L <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Tetrao-urogallus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a></H3> <H4> >4 8:CH0  <i>Falcipennis</i> Elliot, 1864</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Falcipennis falcipennis</i> (Hartlaub, 1855)  8:CH0 <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves038.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H4> >4 O1G8:  <i>Tetrastes</i> Keyserling et Blasius, 1840</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Tetrastes bonasia</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  O1G8: <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Tetrastes-bonasia.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H2>!!" $+  PHASIANIDAE<font size="4"> Horsfield, 1821 </font></H2> <H5>!!" $+  PHASIANINAE <font size="2">Horsfield, 1821</font></H5> <H4> >4 !5@0O :C@>?0B:0  <i>Perdix</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Perdix perdix</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  !5@0O :C@>?0B:0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Perdix-perdix.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Perdix dauurica</i> (Pallas, 1811)  >@>40B0O :C@>?0B:0*</H3> <H5>!!"  +  COTURNICINAE <font size="2">Reichenbach, 1848</font></H5> <H4> >4 5@5?5;  <i>Coturnix</i> Bonnaterre, 1791</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Coturnix coturnix</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  5@5?5; <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Coturnix-coturnix.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H1>" / #! +  ANSERIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!" #!+  ANSERIDAE <font size="4"> Vigors, 1825</font></H2> <H4> >4 070@:0  <i>Branta</i> Scopoli, 1769</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Branta bernicla</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  'Q@=0O :070@:0* </H3> <H4> >4 @0A=>7>10O :070@:0  <i>Rufibrenta</i> Bonaparte, 1856</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Rufibrenta ruficollis</i> (Pallas, 1769)  @0A=>7>10O :070@:0* <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves011.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H4> >4 CAL  <i>Anser</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Anser anser</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  !5@K9 3CAL</H3> <LI> <H3><i>Anser albifrons</i> (Scopoli, 1769)  5;>;>1K9 3CAL*</H3> <LI> <H3><i>Anser erythropus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  8A:C;L:0* <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Anser-erythropus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves012.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Anser fabalis</i> (Latham, 1787)  C<5==8: <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Anser-fabalis.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves013.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H2>!!" +  CYGNIDAE <font size="4">Vigors, 1825</font></H2> <H4> >4 5154L  <i>Cygnus</i> Bechstein, 1803</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Cygnus olor</i> (J.F. Gmelin, 1789)  5154L-H8?C= <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves014.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Cygnus cygnus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  5154L-:;8:C= <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Cygnus-cygnus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Cygnus bewickii</i> Yarrell, 1830  0;K9 ;5154L* <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves015.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H2>!!" +  TADORNIDAE <font size="4">Reichenbach, 1849-1850</font></H2> <H4> >4 30@L  <i>Casarca </i> Bonaparte, 1838</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Casarca ferruginea</i> (Pallas, 1764)  30@L <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves016.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H4> >4 530=:0  <i>Tadorna</i> Lorenz von Oken, 1817</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Tadorna tadorna</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  530=:0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Tadorna-tadorna.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a></H3> <H2>!!" '+ #"  ANATIDAE <font size="4">Leach, 1820 </font></H2> <H4> >4 @O:20  <i>Anas</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Anas platyrhynchos</i> Linnaeus, 1758  @O:20 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Anas-platyrhynchos.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Anas poecilorhyncha</i> J.R. Forster, 1781  QAB@>=>A0O :@O:20*</H3> <LI> <H3><i>Anas strepera</i> Linnaeus, 1758  !5@0O CB:0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Anas-strepera.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <LI> <H3><i>Anas acuta</i> Linnaeus, 1758  (8;>E2>AB:0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Anas-acuta.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Anas penelope</i> Linnaeus, 1758  !28O7L <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Anas falcata</i> Georgi, 1775  0A0B:0*</H3> <H4> >4 (8@>:>=>A:0  <i>Spatula</i> F.Boie, 1822</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Spatula clypeata</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  (8@>:>=>A:0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Spatula-clypeata.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <H4> >4 '8@>:  <i>Querquedula</i> Lorenz von Oken, 1817</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Querquedula crecca</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  '8@>:-A28ABC=>: <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Querquedula-crecca.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <LI> <H3><i>Querquedula querquedula</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  '8@>:-B@5A:C=>: <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Querquedula-querquedula.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <H4> >4 ;>:BC=  <i>Sibirionetta</i> H.Boetticher, 1929</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Sibirionetta formosa</i> (Georgi, 1775)  ;>:BC=*</H3> <H2>!!" + + #"  AYTHYIDAE <font size="4">Delacour et Mayr, 1945 (1931) </font></H2> <H4> >4 @0A=>=>AK9 =K@>:  <i>Netta</i> Kaup, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Netta rufina</i> (Pallas, 1773)  @0A=>=>AK9 =K@>: <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Netta-rufina.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves018.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H4> >4 @0A=>3>;>2K9 =K@>:  <i>Aythya</i> Boie, 1822</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Aythya ferina</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  @0A=>3>;>2K9 =K@>: <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Aythya-ferina.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <H4> >4 5;>3;07K9 =K@>:  <i>Nyroca</i> Fleming, 1822</H4> <LI> <H3> <i>Nyroca nyroca</i> (Gldenstdt, 1770)  5;>3;07K9 =K@>: <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves020.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H4> >4 %>E;0B0O G5@=5BL  <i>Fuligula</i> Stephens, 1824</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Fuligula fuligula</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  %>E;0B0O G5@=5BL <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Fuligula-fuligula.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 >@A:0O G5@=5BL  <i>Marila</i> Lorenz von Oken, 1817</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Marila marila</i> (Linnaeus, 1761)  >@A:0O G5@=5BL* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 >@O=:0  <i>Clangula</i> Leach, 1819</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Clangula hyemalis</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >@O=:0*</H3> <H4> >4 >3>;L  <i>Bucephala</i> Baird, 1858</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Bucephala clangula</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >3>;L <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Bucephala-clangula.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <H2>!!" +  SOMATERIIDAE <font size="4">Reichenbach, 1849</font></H2> <H4> >4 !8=L30  <i>Oidemia</i> Fleming, 1822</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Oidemia nigra</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  !8=L30*</H3> <H4> >4 "C@?0=  <i>Melanitta</i> Boie, 1822</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Melanitta fusca</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  "C@?0= <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Melanitta-fusca.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves017.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H2>!!" !+  OXYURIDAE <font size="4">Swainson, 1831</font></H2> <H4> >4 !02:0  <i>Oxyura</i> Bonaparte, 1828</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Oxyura leucocephala</i> (Scopoli, 1769)  !02:0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Oxyura-leucocephala.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves019.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H2>!!"  %+  MERGIDAE <font size="4">Rafinesque, 1815</font></H2> <H4> >4 CB>:  <i>Mergellus</i> Selby, 1840</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Mergellus albellus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  CB>:* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 @>E0;L  <i>Mergus</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Mergus serrator</i> Linnaeus, 1758  !@54=89 :@>E0;L* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Mergus merganser</i> Linnaeus, 1758  >;LH>9 :@>E0;L* <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Mergus-merganser.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H1>" /  +  PODICIPEDIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!" +  PODICIPEDIDAE <font size="4">Bonaparte, 1831 </font></H2> <H4> >4 0;0O ?>30=:0  <i>Tachybaptus</i> Reichenbach, 1853</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Tachybaptus ruficollis</i> (Pallas, 1764)  0;0O ?>30=:0*</H3> <H4> >4 >30=:0  <i>Podiceps</i> Latham, 1787</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Podiceps nigricollis</i> C.L. Brehm, 1831  'Q@=>H59=0O ?>30=:0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Podiceps-nigricollis.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Podiceps auritus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  @0A=>H59=0O ?>30=:0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Podiceps-auritus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves001.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Podiceps grisegena</i> (Boddaert, 1783)  !5@>IQ:0O ?>30=:0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Podiceps-grisegena.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Podiceps cristatus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >;LH0O ?>30=:0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Podiceps-cristatus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H1>" /  +  PELECANIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!" +  PELECANIDAE <font size="4">Rafinesque, 1815 </font></H2> <H4> >4 5;8:0=  <i>Pelecanus</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Pelecanus onocrotalus</i> Linnaeus, 1758  >7>2K9 ?5;8:0=* <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Pelecanus-onocrotalus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves005.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Pelecanus crispus</i> Bruch, 1832  C4@O2K9 ?5;8:0= <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves004.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H1>" / #( +  SULIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!" +  PHALACROCORACIDAE <font size="4">Reichenbach, 1836 </font></H2> <H4> >4 0:;0=  <i>Phalacrocorax</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Phalacrocorax carbo</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >;LH>9 10:;0= <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Phalacrocorax-carbo.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves003.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <br> <H1>" / & +  ARDEIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!" &+  ARDEIDAE <font size="4"> Leach, 1820 </font></H2> <H5>!!" ++  BOTAURINAE <font size="2">Reichenbach, 1849-1850 </font></H5> <H4> >4 K?L  <i>Botaurus</i> Stephens, 1819</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Botaurus stellaris</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >;LH0O 2K?L <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Botaurus-stellaris.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <H4> >4 0;0O 2K?L  <i>Ixobrychus</i> Billberg, 1828</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Ixobrychus minutus</i> (Linnaeus, 1766)  >;G>: <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves006.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H5>!!" &+  ARDEINAE <font size="2">Leach, 1820</font></H5> <H4> >4 5;0O F0?;O  <i>Casmerodius</i> Gloger, 1842</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Casmerodius albus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >;LH0O 15;0O F0?;O* <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves007.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 &0?;O  <i>Ardea</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Ardea cinerea</i> Linnaeus, 1758  !5@0O F0?;O <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Ardea-cinerea.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Ardea purpurea</i> Linnaeus, 1766  K60O F0?;O*</H3> <H2>!!" !+  THRESKIORNITHIDAE <font size="4">Poche, 1904 </font></H2> <H5>!!" !+  THRESKIORNITHINAE <font size="2">Poche, 1904</font></H5> <H4> >4 0@0209:0  <i>Plegadis</i> Kaup, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Plegadis falcinellus</i> (Linnaeus, 1766)  0@0209:0* <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves008.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H5>!!" &+  PLATALEINAE <font size="2">Bonaparte, 1838</font></H5> <H4> >4 >;?8F0  <i>Platalea</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Platalea leucorodia</i> Linnaeus, 1758  >;?8F0*</H3> <br> <H1>" / !" +  CICONIIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!" !"+  CICONIIDAE <font size="4">Sundevall, 1836 </font></H2> <H5>!!" !"+  CICONIINAE <font size="2">Sundevall, 1836</font></H5> <H4> >4 8AB  <i>Ciconia</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Ciconia nigra</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  'Q@=K9 08AB <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Ciconia-nigra.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves009.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <br> <H1>" / $ +  PHOENICOPTERIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!" $+  PHOENICOPTERIDAE <font size="4">Bonaparte, 1831 </font></H2> <H4> >4 $;0<8=3>  <i>Phoenicopterus</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Phoenicopterus roseus</i> Pallas, 1811  >7>2K9 D;0<8=3>* <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Phoenicopterus-roseus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves010.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <br> <H1>" /   +  GAVIIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!"  +  GAVIIDAE <font size="4"> J.A. Allen, 1897 </font></H2> <H4> >4 030@0  <i>Gavia</i> J.R. Forster, 1788</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Gavia stellata</i> (Pontoppidan, 1763)  @0A=>7>10O 3030@0*</H3> <LI> <H3><i>Gavia arctica</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  'Q@=>7>10O 3030@0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Gavia-arctica.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves002.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <br> <H1>" / #  +  GRUIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!" # +  GRUIDAE <font size="4"> Vigors, 1825</font></H2> <H4> >4 C@02;L  <i>Grus</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Grus leucogeranus</i> Pallas, 1773  !B5@E* <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves040.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Grus grus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  !5@K9 6C@02;L <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Grus-grus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <LI> <H3><i>Grus monachus</i> Temminck, 1836  'Q@=K9 6C@02;L* <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves039.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H4> >4 @0A02:0  <i>Anthropoides</i> Vieillot, 1816</H4> <LI> <H3> <i>Anthropoides virgo</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  @0A02:0 <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves041.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H1>" / !"#( +  RALLIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!" !"#(+  RALLIDAE <font size="4"> Rafinesque, 1815</font></H2> <H5>!!" !"#(+  RALLINAE <font size="2">Rafinesque, 1815</font></H5> <H4> >4 0ABCH>:  <i>Rallus</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Rallus aquaticus</i> Linnaeus, 1758  >4O=>9 ?0ABCH>: <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Rallus-aquaticus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <H4> >4 >@>AB5;L  <i>Crex</i> Bechstein, 1803</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Crex crex</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >@>AB5;L <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Crex-crex.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <H5>!!" +(&+  GALLINULINAE <font size="2">G.R. Gray, 1840</font></H5> <H4> >4 >3>=KH  <i>Porzana</i> Vieillot, 1816</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Porzana porzana</i> (Linnaeus, 1766)  >3>=KH <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 0<KH=8F0  <i>Gallinula</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Gallinula chloropa</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  0<KH=8F0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Gallinula-chloropus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <H5>!!" !#"+  PORPHYRIONINAE <font size="2">Verheyen, 1957</font></H5> <H4> >4 >;>B=K9 ?>3>=KH  <i>Palugalla</i> Balatzki, 2011</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Palugalla parva</i> (Scopoli, 1769)  0;K9 ?>3>=KH <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves042.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Palugalla pusilla</i> (Pallas, 1776)  >3>=KH-:@>H:0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Palugalla-pusilla.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <H5>!!" +!#%+  FULICINAE <font size="2">Nitzsch, 1829</font></H5> <H4> >4 KACE0  <i>Fulica</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Fulica atra</i> Linnaeus, 1758  KACE0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Fulica-atra.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <br> <H1>" /  $ +  OTIDIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!"  $+  OTIDIDAE<font size="4"> Rafinesque, 1815</font></H2> <H4> >4 @>D0  <i>Otis</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Otis tarda</i> Linnaeus, 1758  @>D0* <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves043.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H4> >4 !B@5?5B  <i>Tetrax</i> T. Forster, 1817</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Tetrax tetrax</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  !B@5?5B* <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves044.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <br> <H1>" /  +  CHARADRIIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!" #-!   HAEMATOPODIDAE<font size="4"> Bonaparte, 1838</font></H2> <H4> >4 C;8:-A>@>:0  <i>Haematopus</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Haematopus ostralegus</i> Linnaeus, 1758  C;8:-A>@>:0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Haematopus-ostralegus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves048.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H2>!!" (.+  RECURVIROSTRIDAE <font size="4">Bonaparte, 1831 </font></H2> <H4> >4 %>4C;>G=8:  <i>Himantopus</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Himantopus himantopus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  %>4C;>G=8: <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Himantopus-himantopus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves046.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H4> >4 (8;>:;N2:0  <i>Recurvirostra</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Recurvirostra avosetta</i> Linnaeus, 1758  (8;>:;N2:0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Recurvirostra-avosetta.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves047.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H2>!!" "+  BURHINIDAE<font size="4"> Mathews, 1912</font></H2> <H4> >4 24>B:0  <i>Burhinus</i> Illiger, 1811</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Burhinus oedicnemus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  24>B:0* <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves052.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H2>!!" "!"+   PLUVIALIDAE <font size="4"> MacGillivray, 1852</font></H2> <H4> >4 60=:0  <i>Pluvialis</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Pluvialis squatarola</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  "C;5A* <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Pluvialis-squatarola.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Pluvialis fulva</i> (J.F. Gmelin, 1789)  C@>:@K;0O @60=:0*</H3> <LI> <H3><i>Pluvialis apricaria</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >;>B8AB0O @60=:0*</H3> <H2>!!" +  CHARADRIIDAE<font size="4"> Leach, 1820</font></H2> <H5>!!" +  CHARADRIINAE <font size="2">Leach, 1820</font></H5> <H4> >4 CQ:  <i>Charadrius</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Charadrius dubius</i> Scopoli, 1786  0;K9 7CQ: <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Charadrius-dubius.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Charadrius hiaticulus</i> Linnaeus, 1758  0;ABCG=8:* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 >@A:>9 7CQ:  <i>Leucopolius</i> Bonaparte, 1856</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Leucopolius alexandrinus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >@A:>9 7CQ:*</H3> <H4> >4 %@CAB0=  <i>Eudromias</i> C.L. Brehm, 1830</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Eudromias morinellus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  %@CAB0=*</H3> <H5>!!" '!+  VANELLINAE <font size="2">Bonaparte, 1842</font></H5> <H4> >4 @5GQB:0  <i>Chettusia</i> Bonaparte, 1841</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Chettusia gregaria</i> (Pallas, 1771)  @5GQB:0 <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves045.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H4> >4 '818A  <i>Vanellus</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Vanellus vanellus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  '818A <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Vanellus-vanellus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H5>!!" ( +  ARENARIINAE <font size="2">Stejneger, 1885</font></H5> <H4> >4 0<=5H0@:0  <i>Arenaria</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Arenaria interpres</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  0<=5H0@:0*</H3> <H2>!!" #'+  PHALAROPODIDAE <font size="4">Bonaparte, 1831</font></H2> <H4> >4 ;02C=G8:  <i>Phalaropus</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Phalaropus fulicarius</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  ;>A:>=>AK9 ?;02C=G8:*</H3> <LI> <H3><i>Phalaropus lobatus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  @C3;>=>AK9 ?;02C=G8:* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H2>!!" !+  SCOLOPACIDAE<font size="4"> Rafinesque, 1815</font></H2> <H5>!!" #"+  TRINGINAE <font size="2">Rafinesque, 1815</font></H5> <H4> >4 #;8B  <i>Tringa</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Tringa ochropus</i> Linnaeus, 1758  '5@=KH <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Tringa glareola</i> Linnaeus, 1758  $8D8 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Tringa nebularia</i> (Gunnerus, 1767)  >;LH>9 C;8B <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Tringa totanus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  "@02=8: <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Tringa erythropus</i> (Pallas, 1764)  )Q3>;L* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Tringa stagnatilis</i> (Bechstein, 1803)  >@CG59=8: <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 5@52>7G8:  <i>Actitis</i> Illiger, 1811</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Actitis hypoleucos</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  5@52>7G8: <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 >@>4C=:0  <i>Xenus</i> Kaup, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Xenus cinereus</i> (G&#252;ldenst&#228;dt, 1774)  >@>4C=:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H5>!!" !'+  CALIDRINAE <font size="2">Reichenbach, 1849</font></H5> <H4> >4 "C@CEB0=  <i>Philomachus</i> Merrem, 1804</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Philomachus pugnax</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  "C@CEB0= <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 0;K9 ?5A>G=8:  <i>Ereunetes</i> Illiger, 1811</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Ereunetes minuta</i> (Leisler, 1812)  C;8:-2>@>159* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 5;>E2>ABK9 ?5A>G=8:  <i>Pisobia</i> Billberg, 1828</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Pisobia subminuta</i> (Middendorff, 1853)  ;8==>?0;K9 ?5A>G=8:* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Pisobia temminckii</i> (Leisler, 1812)  5;>E2>ABK9 ?5A>G=8:* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 AB@>E2>ABK9 ?5A>G=8:  <i>Limnocinclus</i> Gould, 1865</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Limnocinclus acuminatus</i> (Horsfield, 1821)  AB@>E2>ABK9 ?5A>G=8:*</H3> <H4> >4 @0A=>7>1K9 ?5A>G=8:  <i>Erolia</i> Vieillot, 1816</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Erolia ferruginea</i> (Pontoppidan, 1763)  @0A=>7>18:*<small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Erolia alpina</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  'Q@=>7>18:* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 5AG0=:0  <i>Crocethia</i> Billberg, 1828</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Crocethia alba</i> (Pallas, 1764)  5AG0=:0*</H3> <H4> >4 @O7>28:  <i>Limicola</i> Koch, 1816</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Limicola falcinellus</i> (Pontoppidan, 1763)  @O7>28:*</H3> <H5>!!" !+  "  LIMNODROMINAE <font size="2">Johnsgard, 1981</font></H5> <H4> >4 5:0A>284=K9 25@5B5==8:  <i>Limnodromus</i> Wied, 1833</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Limnodromus semipalmatus</i> (Blyth, 1848)  780BA:89 15:0A>284=K9 25@5B5==8: <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves051.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H5>!!" !+  SCOLOPACINAE <font size="2">Rafinesque, 1815</font></H5> <H4> >4 0@H=5?  <i>Lymnocryptes</i> Kaup, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Lymnocryptes minimus</i> (Brunnich, 1764)  0@H=5?* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 5:0A  <i>Gallinago</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Gallinago gallinago</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  5:0A <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Gallinago megala</i> Swinhoe, 1861  5A=>9 4C?5;L <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Gallinago stenura</i> (Bonaparte, 1830)  780BA:89 15:0A*</H3> <LI> <H3><i>Gallinago solitaria</i> Hodgson, 1831  >@=K9 4C?5;L* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Gallinago media</i> (Latham, 1787)  C?5;L <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 0;L4H=5?  <i>Scolopax</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Scolopax rusticola</i> Linnaeus, 1758  0;L4H=5? <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H5>!!"  (+  NUMENIINAE <font size="2">G.R. Gray, 1840</font></H5> <H4> >4 @>=H=5?  <i>Numenius</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Numenius tenuirostris</i> Vieillot, 1817  ">=:>:;N2K9 :@>=H=5? <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves050.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Numenius arquatus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >;LH>9 :@>=H=5? <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves049.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Numenius phaeopus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  !@54=89 :@>=H=5?*</H3> <H4> >4 5@5B5==8:  <i>Limosa</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Limosa limosa</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >;LH>9 25@5B5==8: <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Limosa lapponica</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  0;K9 25@5B5==8:*</H3> <br> <H1>" / " #( +  GLAREOLIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!" " #(+  GLAREOLIDAE<font size="4"> Brehm, 1831</font></H2> <H4> >4 "8@:CH:0  <i>Glareola</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Glareola nordmanni</i> Fischer von Waldheim, 1842  !B5?=0O B8@:CH:0 <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves053.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <br> <H1>" / ' +  LARIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!"  +  STERCORARIIDAE<font size="4"> G.R. Gray, 1870</font></H2> <H4> >4 >;LH>9 ?><>@=8:  <i>Catharacta</i> Brnnich, 1764</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Catharacta skua</i> (Brunnich, 1764)  >;LH>9 ?><>@=8:*</H3> <H4> >4 >@>B:>E2>ABK9 ?><>@=8:  <i>Stercorarius</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Stercorarius pomarinus</i> (Temminck, 1815)  !@54=89 ?><>@=8:*</H3> <LI> <H3><i>Stercorarius parasiticus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >@>B:>E2>ABK9 ?><>@=8:*</H3> <LI> <H3><i>Stercorarius longicaudus</i> Vieillot, 1819  ;8==>E2>ABK9 ?><>@=8:*</H3> <H2>!!" '+  LARIDAE <font size="4"> Rafinesque, 1815</font></H2> <H4> >4 'Q@=>3>;>2K9 E>E>BC=  <i>Ichthyaetus</i> Kaup, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Ichthyaetus ichthyaetus</i> (Pallas, 1773)  'Q@=>3>;>2K9 E>E>BC= <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves054.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 !870O G09:0  <i>Larus</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Larus barabensis</i> Hans Johansen, 1960  0@018=A:0O G09:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Larus canus</i> Linnaeus, 1758  !870O G09:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 7Q@=0O G09:0  <i>Chroicocephalus</i> Eyton, 1836</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Chroicocephalus ridibundus</i> (Linnaeus, 1766)  7Q@=0O G09:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Chroicocephalus genei</i> (Brme, 1840)  >@A:>9 3>;C1>: <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves055.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H4> >4 0;0O G09:0  <i>Hydrocoloeus</i> Kaup, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Hydrocoloeus minutus</i> (Pallas, 1776)  0;0O G09:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 "@QE?0;0O G09:0  <i>Rissa</i> Stephens, 1825</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Rissa tridactyla</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >52:0*</H3> <H2>!!"  '+  STERNIDAE <font size="4">Vigors, 1825</font></H2> <H4> >4 'Q@=0O :@0G:0  <i>Chlidonias</i> Rafinesque, 1822</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Chlidonias niger</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  'Q@=0O :@0G:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Chlidonias leucopterus</i> (Temminck, 1815)  5;>:@K;0O :@0G:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 '09:>=>A0O G09:0  <i>Gelochelidon</i> C.L. Brehm, 1830</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Gelochelidon nilotica</i> (J.F. Gmelin, 1789)  '09:>=>A0O :@0G:0 <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves056.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H4> >4 '53@020  <i>Hydroprogne</i> Kaup, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Hydroprogne caspia</i> (Pallas, 1770)  '53@020 <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves057.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H4> >4 5G=0O :@0G:0  <i>Sterna</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Sterna hirundo</i> Linnaeus, 1758  5G=0O :@0G:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 0;0O :@0G:0  <i>Sternula</i> Boie, 1822</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Sternula albifrons</i> (Pallas, 1764)  0;0O :@0G:0 <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves058.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H1>" / / +  PTEROCLIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!" /+  PTEROCLIDAE<font size="4"> Bonaparte, 1831</font></H2> <H4> >4 !0460  <i>Syrrhaptes</i> Illiger, 1811</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Syrrhaptes paradoxus</i> (Pallas, 1773)  !0460*</H3> <br> <H1>" / # +  COLUMBIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!" #+  COLUMBIDAE <font size="4"> Illiger, 1811</font></H2> <H5>!!" #+  COLUMBINAE <font size="2"> Illiger, 1811</font></H5> <H4> >4 OE8@L  <i>Palumbus</i> Kaup, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Palumbus palumbus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  OE8@L <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 >;C1L  <i>Columba</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Columba oenas</i> Linnaeus, 1758  ;8=BCE <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Columba livia</i> J.F. Gmelin, 1789  !87K9 3>;C1L <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 >@;8F0  <i>Streptopelia</i> Bonaparte, 1855</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Streptopelia turtur</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  1K:=>25==0O 3>@;8F0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Streptopelia orientalis</i> (Latham, 1790)  >;LH0O 3>@;8F0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H1>" / ##( +  CUCULIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!" ##(+  CUCULIDAE <font size="4"> Leach, 1820</font></H2> <H4> >4 C:CH:0  <i>Cuculus</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Cuculus canorus</i> Linnaeus, 1758  1K:=>25==0O :C:CH:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 8<0;09A:0O :C:CH:0  <i>Versiculus</i> Balatzki, 2001</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Versiculus horsfieldi</i> (Moore, 1857)  ;CE0O :C:CH:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H1>" / ! +  STRIGIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!" !+  STRIGIDAE <font size="4"> Leach, 1820</font></H2> <H5>!!" /!" + !+  SURNIINAE <font size="2">Bonaparte, 1838</font></H5> <H4> >4 >E=>=>389 AKG  <i>Aegolius</i> Kaup, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Aegolius funereus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >E=>=>389 AKG <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 ><>2K9 AKG  <i>Athene</i> Boie, 1822</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Athene noctua</i> (Scopoli, 1769)  ><>2K9 AKG <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves059.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H4> >4 >@>1L8=K9 AKG8:  <i>Glaucidium</i> Boie, 1826</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Glaucidium passerinum</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >@>1L8=K9 AKG8: <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves060.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 /AB@518=0O A>20  <i>Surnia</i> Dumeril, 1806</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Surnia ulula</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  /AB@518=0O A>20 <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves063.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H5>!!" !+  STRIGINAE <font size="2">Leach, 1820</font></H5> <H4> >4 !?;NH:0  <i>Otus</i> Pennant, 1769</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Otus scops</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  !?;NH:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 #H0AB0O A>20  <i>Asio</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Asio otus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  #H0AB0O A>20 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Asio flammeus</i> (Pontoppidan, 1763)  >;>B=0O A>20 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 5OAKBL  <i>Strix</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Strix uralensis</i> Pallas, 1771  ;8==>E2>AB0O =5OAKBL <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves064.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Strix nebulosa</i> J.R. Forster, 1772  >@>40B0O =5OAKBL <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves065.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 5;0O A>20  <i>Nyctea</i> Stephens, 1825</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Nyctea scandiaca</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  5;0O A>20* <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves061.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 $8;8=  <i>Bubo</i> Dumeril, 1806</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Bubo bubo</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  $8;8= <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves062.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H1>" /  +  CAPRIMULGIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!" !"/)   CAPRIMULGIDAE <font size="4"> Vigors, 1825</font></H2> <H4> >4 >7>4>9  <i>Caprimulgus</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Caprimulgus europaeus</i> Linnaeus, 1758  1K:=>25==K9 :>7>4>9 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H1>" / !"  +  APODIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!" !" +  APODIDAE <font size="4"> Agassiz, 1846</font></H2> <H5>!!" )"%!"+  CHAETURINAE <font size="2">Bonaparte, 1857</font></H5> <H4> >4 3;>E2>ABK9 AB@86  <i>Hirundapus</i> Hodgson, 1837</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Hirundapus caudacutus</i> (Latham, 1801)  3;>E2>ABK9 AB@86*</H3> <H5>!!"  !" +  APODINAE <font size="2">Olphe-Galliard, 1887</font></H5> <H4> >4 !B@86  <i>Apus</i> Scopoli, 1777</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Apus apus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  'Q@=K9 AB@86 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Apus pacificus</i> (Latham, 1801)  5;>?>OA=K9 AB@86 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H1>" / ( +  CORACIIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!" ! +  CORACIIDAE <font size="4">Rafinesque, 1815 </font></H2> <H4> >4 !87>2>@>=:0  <i>Coracias</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Coracias garrulus</i> Linnaeus, 1758  !87>2>@>=:0</H3> <br> <H1>" /   +  ALCEDIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!"  +  ALCEDINIDAE <font size="4"> Rafinesque, 1815</font></H2> <H4> >4 8<>@>4>:  <i>Alcedo</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Alcedo atthis</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  1K:=>25==K9 78<>@>4>: <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H1>" / "&+-!   BUCEROTIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!" #+  UPUPIDAE <font size="4"> Leach, 1820</font></H2> <H4> >4 #4>4  <i>Upupa</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Upupa epops</i> Linnaeus, 1758  #4>4 <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves066.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <br> <H1>" / /" +  PICIFORMES</H1> <H2>!!"  "(+  JYNGIDAE <font size="4">Swainson, 1831</font></H2> <H4> >4 5@B8H59:0  <i>Jynx</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Jynx torquilla</i> Linnaeus, 1758  5@B8H59:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H2>!!" /"+  PICIDAE <font size="4"> Leach, 1820</font></H2> <H5>!!" /"+  PICINAE <font size="2">Leach, 1820</font></H5> <H4> >4 5;Q=K9 4OB5;  <i>Picus</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Picus canus</i> J.F. Gmelin, 1788  !54>9 4OB5; <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H5>!!" ' + /"+  DRYOCOPINAE <font size="2">G.R. Gray, 1840</font></H5> <H4> >4 5;=0  <i>Dryocopus</i> Boie, 1826</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Dryocopus martius</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  5;=0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H5>!!" !" + /"+  DENDROCOPINAE <font size="2">Cabanis et Heine, 1863</font></H5> <H4> >4 QAB@K9 4OB5;  <i>Dendrocopos</i> Koch, 1816</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Dendrocopos major</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >;LH>9 ?QAB@K9 4OB5; <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Dendrocopos leucotos</i> (Bechstein, 1803)  5;>A?8==K9 4OB5; <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 0;K9 4OB5;  <i>Xylocopus</i> Cabanis et Heine, 1863</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Xylocopus minor</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  0;K9 ?QAB@K9 4OB5; <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 "@QE?0;K9 4OB5;  <i>Picoides</i> Lac&eacute;p&egrave;de, 1799</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Picoides tridactylus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  "@QE?0;K9 4OB5; <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <br> <H1>" /  , +  PASSERIFORMES</H1> <br> <H2>!!" ! #"+  LANIIDAE <font size="4"> Rafinesque, 1815</font></H2> <H4> >4 C;0=  <i>Enneoctonus</i> Boie, 1826</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Enneoctonus cristatus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  !818@A:89 6C;0= <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Enneoctonus isabellinus</i> (Hemprich et Ehrenberg, 1833)  C;0=K9 6C;0=</H3> <LI> <H3><i>Enneoctonus collurio</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  1K:=>25==K9 6C;0= <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 'Q@=>;>1K9 A>@>:>?CB  <i>Lanioides</i> A. Roberts, 1922</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Lanioides minor</i> (J.F. Gmelin, 1788)  'Q@=>;>1K9 A>@>:>?CB <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves069.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 !>@>:>?CB  <i>Lanius</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Lanius excubitor</i> Linnaeus, 1758  !5@K9 A>@>:>?CB <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves070.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H2>!!" ! !"+  BOMBYCILLIDAE <font size="4"> Swainson, 1831</font></H2> <H4> >4 !28@8AB5;L  <i>Bombycilla</i> Vieillot, 1807</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Bombycilla garrula</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  !28@8AB5;L <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H2>!!" +  ORIOLIDAE <font size="4"> Vigors, 1825</font></H2> <H4> >4 2>;30  <i>Oriolus</i> Linnaeus, 1766</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Oriolus oriolus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  1K:=>25==0O 82>;30 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H2>!!" ! &+  STURNIDAE <font size="4"> Rafinesque, 1815</font></H2> <H4> >4 1K:=>25==K9 A:2>@5F  <i>Sturnus</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Sturnus vulgaris</i> Linnaeus, 1758  1K:=>25==K9 A:2>@5F <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 >7>2K9 A:2>@5F  <i>Pastor</i> Temminck, 1815</H4> <LI> <H3> <i>Pastor roseus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >7>2K9 A:2>@5F <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 09=0  <i>Acridotheres</i> Vieillot, 1816</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Acridotheres tristis</i> (Linnaeus, 1766)  1K:=>25==0O <09=0* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H2>!!"  +  CORVIDAE <font size="4"> Leach, 1820</font></H2> <H4> >4 C:H0  <i>Perisoreus</i> Bonaparte, 1831</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Perisoreus infaustus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  C:H0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 54@>2:0  <i>Nucifraga</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Nucifraga caryocatactes</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  54@>2:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 0;:0  <i>Coloeus</i> Kaup, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Coloeus monedula</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  0;:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 @0G  <i>Trypanocorax</i> Bonaparte, 1854</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Trypanocorax frugilegus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  @0G <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 >@>=0  <i>Corone</i> Kaup, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Corone cornix</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  !5@0O 2>@>=0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Corone orientalis</i> (Eversmann, 1841)  >AB>G=0O GQ@=0O 2>@>=0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 >@>=  <i>Corvus</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Corvus corax</i> Linnaeus, 1758  >@>= <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H2>!!" !+  GARRULIDAE<font size="4"> Balatzki, 2001</font></H2> <H4> >4 !>9:0  <i>Garrulus</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Garrulus glandarius</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  !>9:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 !>@>:0  <i>Pica</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Pica pica</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  !>@>:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H2>!!"  +  ALAUDIDAE <font size="4"> Vigors, 1825</font></H2> <H4> >4 !B5?=>9 602>@>=>:  <i>Melanocorypha</i> Boie, 1828</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Melanocorypha yeltoniensis</i> (J.R. Forster, 1768)  'Q@=K9 602>@>=>:</H3> <H4> >4 0;K9 602>@>=>:  <i>Calandrella</i> Kaup, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Calandrella brachydactyla</i> (Leisler, 1814)  >@>B:>?0;K9 602>@>=>:*</H3> <H4> >4 >30BK9 602>@>=>:  <i>Eremophila</i> Boie, 1828</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Eremophila alpestris</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >30BK9 602>@>=>:*</H3> <H4> >4 >;52>9 602>@>=>:  <i>Alauda</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Alauda arvensis</i> Linnaeus, 1758  >;52>9 602>@>=>: <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Alauda leucoptera</i> Pallas, 1811  5;>:@K;K9 602>@>=>: <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves067.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <H4> >4 5A=>9 602>@>=>:  <i>Lullula</i> Kaup, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Lullula arborea</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  5A=>9 602>@>=>:</H3> <br> <H2>!!" !/+  EMBERIZIDAE <font size="4"> Vigors, 1825</font></H2> <H4> >4 @>AO=:0  <i>Miliaria</i> Brehm, 1828</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Miliaria calandra</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  @>AO=:0*</H3> <H4> >4 0AB>OI0O >2AO=:0  <i>Emberiza</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Emberiza citrinella</i> Linnaeus, 1758  1K:=>25==0O >2AO=:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Emberiza leucocephalos</i> S.G. Gmelin, 1771  5;>H0?>G=0O >2AO=:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 >@=0O >2AO=:0  <i>Cia</i> Kaup, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Cia godlewskii</i> (Taczanowski, 1874)  2AO=:0 >4;52A:>3>* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 2AO=:0-@5<57  <i>Buscarla</i> Gray, 1855</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Buscarla rustica</i> (Pallas, 1776)  2AO=:0-@5<57 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 !54>3>;>20O >2AO=:0  <i>Ocyris</i> Hodgson, 1845</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Ocyris pusillus</i> (Pallas, 1776)  2AO=:0-:@>H:0* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Ocyris spodocephalus</i> (Pallas, 1776)  !54>3>;>20O >2AO=:0</H3> <H4> >4 Q;B>1@>20O >2AO=:0  <i>Chrysophrys</i> Shestakova, 1937</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Chrysophrys chrysophrys</i> (Pallas, 1776)  Q;B>1@>20O >2AO=:0* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 C1@>2=8:  <i>Hypocentor</i> Cabanis, 1853</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Hypocentor aureola</i> (Pallas, 1773)  C1@>2=8: <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves077.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 !04>20O >2AO=:0  <i>Glycispina</i> Cabanis, 1853</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Glycispina hortulana</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  !04>20O >2AO=:0</H3> <H4> >4 'Q@=>3>;>20O >2AO=:0  <i>Fringilloides</i> Buturlin, 1910</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Fringilloides bruniceps</i> (J.F. Brandt, 1841)  Q;G=0O >2AO=:0*</H3> <H4> >4 0<KH>20O >2AO=:0  <i>Schoeniclus</i> Forster, 1817</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Schoeniclus schoeniclus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  0<KH>20O >2AO=:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Schoeniclus palaris</i> (Middendorff, 1852)  >;O@=0O >2AO=:0 <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves076.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <br> <H2>!!"  +  CALCARIIDAE <font size="4"> Ridgway, 1901</font></H2> <H4> >4 >4>@>6=8:  <i>Calcarius</i> Bechstein, 1802</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Calcarius lapponicus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >4>@>6=8:* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 C=>G:0  <i>Plectrophenax</i> Stejneger, 1882</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Plectrophenax nivalis</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  C=>G:0*</H3> <br> <H2>!!" " /!#+  MOTACILLIDAE <font size="4"> Horsfield, 1821</font></H2> <H5>!!" ,+  ANTHINAE <font size="2">Bonaparte, 1842</font></H5> <H4> >4 !B5?=>9 :>=Q:  <i>Corydalla</i> Vigors, 1825</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Corydalla richardi</i> (Vieillot, 1818)  !B5?=>9 :>=Q: <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 >;52>9 :>=Q:  <i>Agrodroma</i> Swainson, 1837</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Agrodroma campestris</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >;52>9 :>=Q: <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 5A=>9 :>=Q:  <i>Pipastes</i> Kaup, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Pipastes trivialis</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  5A=>9 :>=Q: <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Pipastes haringtoni</i> (Witherby, 1917)  (8@>:>:;N2K9 :>=Q:*</H3> <LI> <H3><i>Pipastes hodgsoni</i> (Richmond, 1907)  OB=8ABK9 :>=Q: <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 >=Q:  <i>Anthus</i> Bechstein, 1805</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Anthus pratensis</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  C3>2>9 :>=Q:*</H3> <LI> <H3><i>Anthus cervinus</i> (Pallas, 1811)  @0A=>7>1K9 :>=Q:* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H5>!!" " /!#+  MOTACILLINAE <font size="2">Horsfield, 1821</font></H5> <H4> >4 5;0O B@OA>3C7:0  <i>Motacilla</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Motacilla alba</i> Linnaeus, 1758  5;0O B@OA>3C7:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Motacilla personata</i> Gould, 1861  0A:8@>20==0O B@OA>3C7:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 Q;B0O B@OA>3C7:0  <i>Budytes</i> Cuvier, 1817</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Budytes flavus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  Q;B0O B@OA>3C7:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Budytes luteus</i> (S.G. Gmelin, 1774)  Q;B>;>10O B@OA>3C7:0 <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves068.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Budytes citreola</i> (Pallas, 1776)  Q;B>3>;>20O B@OA>3C7:0* </H3> <LI> <H3><i>Budytes werae</i> Buturlin, 1907  0;0O 6Q;B>3>;>20O B@OA>3C7:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 >@=0O B@OA>3C7:0  <i>Calobates</i> Kaup, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Calobates cinereus</i> (Tunstall, 1771)  >@=0O B@OA>3C7:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H2>!!" !+  SYLVIIDAE <font size="4"> Leach, 1820</font></H2> <H4> >4 /AB@518=0O A;02:0  <i>Adophoneus</i> Kaup, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Adophoneus nisoria</i> (Bechstein, 1795)  /AB@518=0O A;02:0 <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves073.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 0AB>OI0O A;02:0  <i>Sylvia</i> Scopoli, 1769</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Sylvia atricapilla</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  'Q@=>3>;>20O A;02:0 <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves074.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Sylvia borin</i> (Boddaert, 1783)  !04>20O A;02:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 !5@0O A;02:0  <i>Communis</i> Balatzki, 1999</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Communis communis</i> (Latham, 1787)  !5@0O A;02:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 !;02:0-<5;L=8G5:  <i>Curruca</i> Bechstein, 1802</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Curruca curruca</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  !;02:0-<5;L=8G5: <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H2>!!"  #(+  PRUNELLIDAE <font size="4"> Richmond, 1908</font></H2> <H4> >4 5A=0O 7028@CH:0  <i>Prunella</i> Vieillot, 1816</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Prunella montanella</i> (Pallas, 1776)  !818@A:0O 7028@CH:0* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Prunella atrogularis</i> (Brandt, 1844)  'Q@=>3>@;0O 7028@CH:0* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Prunella modularis</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  5A=0O 7028@CH:0*</H3> <br> <H2>!!" /+  CINCLIDAE <font size="4"> Sundevall, 1836</font></H2> <H4> >4 ;O?:0  <i>Cinclus</i> Borkhausen, 1797</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Cinclus cinclus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  ;O?:0*</H3> <br> <H2>!!"  +  TURDIDAE <font size="4"> Rafinesque, 1815</font></H2> <H5>!!" '+  SAXICOLINAE <font size="2">Vigors, 1825</font></H5> <H4> >4 OB=8ABK9 G5:0=  <i>Rubetra</i> Blyth, 1836</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Rubetra rubetra</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  C3>2>9 G5:0= <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 'Q@=>3>;>2K9 G5:0=  <i>Saxicola</i> Bechstein, 1803</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Saxicola maurus</i> (Pallas, 1773)  0?04=>A818@A:89 G5:0= <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Saxicola-maurus.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <H4> >4 0<5=:0  <i>Oenanthe</i> Vieillot, 1816</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Oenanthe oenanthe</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  1K:=>25==0O :0<5=:0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Oenanthe-oenanthe.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <LI> <H3><i>Oenanthe pleschanka</i> (Lepechin, 1770)  ;5H0=:0*</H3> <LI> <H3><i>Oenanthe isabellina</i> (Temminck, 1829)  0<5=:0-?;OAC=LO*<small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 >@8E2>AB:0  <i>Phoenicurus</i> T. Forster, 1817</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Phoenicurus phoenicurus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  1K:=>25==0O 3>@8E2>AB:0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Phoenicurus-phoenicurus.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Phoenicurus ochruros</i> (S.G. Gmelin, 1774)  >@8E2>AB:0-G5@=CH:0<small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Phoenicurus auroreus</i> (Pallas, 1776)  !818@A:0O 3>@8E2>AB:0*<small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 0@O=:0  <i>Erithacus</i> Cuvier, 1800</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Erithacus rubecula</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  0@O=:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 !>;>259  <i>Luscinia</i> T. Forster, 1817</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Luscinia luscinia</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  1K:=>25==K9 A>;>259 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 !>;>259-:@0A=>H59:0  <i>Calliope</i> Gould, 1836</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Calliope calliope</i> (Pallas, 1776)  !>;>259-:@0A=>H59:0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Calliope-calliope.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <H4> >4 0@0:CH:0  <i>Cyanosylvia</i> Brehm, 1828</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Cyanosylvia svecica</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  0@0:CH:0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Cyanosylvia-svecica.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 !8=89 A>;>259  <i>Larvivora</i> Hodgson, 1837</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Larvivora cyane</i> (Pallas, 1776)  !8=89 A>;>259 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 !>;>259-A28ABC=  <i>Pseudaedon</i> Buturlin, 1910</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Pseudaedon sibilans</i> (Swinhoe, 1863)  !>;>259-A28ABC=* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 !8=5E2>AB:0  <i>Tarsiger</i> Hodgson, 1845</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Tarsiger cyanurus</i> (Pallas, 1773)  !8=5E2>AB:0* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H5>!!"  +  TURDINAE <font size="2">Rafinesque, 1815 </font></H5> <H4> >4 0AB>OI89 4@>74  <i>Turdus</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Turdus obscurus</i> J.F. Gmelin, 1789  ;82:>2K9 4@>74*</H3> <LI> <H3><i>Turdus ruficollis</i> Pallas, 1776  @0A=>7>1K9 4@>74*</H3> <LI> <H3><i>Turdus atrogularis</i> Jarocki, 1819  'Q@=>7>1K9 4@>74 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Turdus eunomus</i> Temminck, 1831  C@K9 4@>74*<small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Turdus pilaris</i> Linnaeus, 1758  O18==8: <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Turdus-pilaris.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <LI> <H3><i>Turdus bonapartei</i> Cabanis, 1860  !818@A:89 45@O10 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 52G89 4@>74  <i>Melizocincla</i> Wolters, 1980</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Melizocincla philomelos</i> (C.L. Brehm, 1831)  52G89 4@>74 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Turdus-philomelos.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <H4> >4 5;>1@>2K9 4@>74  <i>Iliacus</i> Des Murs, 1860</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Iliacus iliacus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  5;>1@>28: <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Turdus-iliacus.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <H4> >4 'Q@=K9 4@>74  <i>Merula</i> Boddaert, 1783</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Merula merula</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  'Q@=K9 4@>74* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 @0=652>3>;>2K9 4@>74  <i>Geokichla</i> Mller, 1835</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Geokichla sibirica</i> (Pallas, 1776)  !818@A:89 4@>74*</H3> <H4> >4 ;8==>:;N2K9 4@>74  <i>Zoothera</i> Vigors, 1832</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Zoothera varia</i> (Pallas, 1811)  >;>B8ABK9 75<;O=>9 4@>74* <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Zoothera-varia.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H2>!!" #%+  MUSCICAPIDAE <font size="4"> Fleming, 1822</font></H2> <H4> >4 QAB@0O <CE>;>2:0  <i>Ficedula</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Ficedula hypoleuca</i> (Pallas, 1764)  QAB@0O <CE>;>2:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Ficedula albicollis</i> (Temminck, 1815)  5;>H59=0O <CE>;>2:0* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 K657>10O <CE>;>2:0  <i>Poliomyias</i> Sharpe, 1879</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Poliomyias mugimaki</i> (Temminck, 1836)  "0Q6=0O <CE>;>2:0*</H3> <H4> >4 0;0O <CE>;>2:0  <i>Erythrosterna</i> Bonaparte, 1838</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Erythrosterna albicilla</i> (Pallas, 1811)  >AB>G=0O <0;0O <CE>;>2:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 !5@0O <CE>;>2:0  <i>Muscicapa</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Muscicapa striata</i> (Pallas, 1764)  !5@0O <CE>;>2:0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Muscicapa-striata.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 CE>;>2:0-:0A0B:0  <i>Hemichelidon</i> Hodgson, 1845</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Hemichelidon sibirica</i> (J.F. Gmelin, 1789)  !818@A:0O <CE>;>2:0* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 (8@>:>:;N20O <CE>;>2:0  <i>Alseonax</i> Cabanis, 1850</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Alseonax latirostris</i> (Raffles, 1822)  (8@>:>:;N20O <CE>;>2:0*</H3> <br> <H2>!!"  +  TROGLODYTIDAE <font size="4"> Swainson, 1831</font></H2> <H4> >4 @0?82=8:  <i>Troglodytes</i> Vieillot, 1807</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Troglodytes troglodytes</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  @0?82=8:* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H2>!!" ! '+  LOCUSTELLIDAE<font size="4"> Balatzki, 1995</font></H2> <H4> >4 "0Q6=K9 A25@G>:  <i>Potamodus</i> 0u@, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Potamodus fasciolatus</i> (G.R. Gray, 1860)  "0Q6=K9 A25@G>: <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 5G=>9 A25@G>:  <i>Threnetria</i> Schauer, 1873</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Threnetria luscinioides</i> (Savi, 1824)  !>;>2L8=K9 A25@G>: <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves071.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Threnetria fluviatilis</i> (Wolf, 1810)  5G=>9 A25@G>:*</H3> <LI> <H3><i>Threnetria naevia</i> (Boddaert, 1783)  1K:=>25==K9 A25@G>: <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 0AB>OI89 A25@G>:  <i>Locustella</i> 0u@, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Locustella certhiola</i> (Pallas, 1811)  52G89 A25@G>: <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Locustella lanceolata</i> (Temminck, 1840)  OB=8ABK9 A25@G>: <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 (8@>:>E2>AB:0  <i>Certia</i> Bonaparte, 1834</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Cettia cetti</i> (Temminck, 1820)  (8@>:>E2>AB:0*</H3> <br> <H2>!!" '+  PHYLLOSCOPIDAE<font size="4"> Balatzki, 1995</font></H2> <H4> >4 ">;AB>:;N20O ?5=>G:0  <i>Herbivocula</i> Swinhoe, 1871</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Herbivocula schwarzi</i> (Radde, 1863)  ">;AB>:;N20O ?5=>G:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 C@0O ?5=>G:0  <i>Oreopneuste</i> Swinhoe, 1871</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Oreopneuste fuscata</i> (Blyth, 1842)  C@0O ?5=>G:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 5=>G:0-B@5I>B:0  <i>Sibilatrix</i> 0u@, 1829 </H4> <LI> <H3><i>Sibilatrix sibilatrix</i> (Bechstein, 1793)  5=>G:0-B@5I>B:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 0AB>OI0O ?5=>G:0  <i>Phylloscopus</i> Boie, 1826</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Phylloscopus trochilus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  5A=8G:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Phylloscopus tristis</i> Blyth, 1843  !818@A:0O B5=L:>2:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 (8@>:>:;N20O ?5=>G:0  <i>Acanthopneuste</i> Blasius, 1858</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Acanthopneuste borealis</i> (J.H. Blasius, 1858)  "0;>2:0* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Acanthopneuste trochiloides</i> (Sundevall, 1837)  5;Q=0O ?5=>G:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 >@>;L:>20O ?5=>G:0  <i>Reguloides</i> Blyth, 1847</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Reguloides inornatus</i> Blyth, 1842  !525@=0O 70@=8G:0* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Reguloides humei</i> Brooks, 1878  "CA:;0O 70@=8G:0 </H3> <LI> <H3><i>Reguloides proregulus</i> (Pallas, 1811)  >@>;L:>20O ?5=>G:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H2>!!"  !(+  HIPPOLIDAE<font size="4"> Balatzki, 1995</font></H2> <H5>!!"  !(+  HIPPOLINAE <font size="2">Balatzki, 1995</font></H5> <H4> >4 ">;AB>:;N20O :0<KH>2:0  <i>Phragamaticola</i> Jerdon, 1845</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Phragamaticola aedon</i> (Pallas, 1776)  ">;AB>:;N20O :0<KH>2:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 >@<>BCH:0  <i>Iduna</i> Keyserling et Blasius, 1840</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Iduna caligata</i> (M.H.K. Lichtenstein, 1823)  !525@=0O 1>@<>BCH:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 5@5A<5H:0  <i>Hippolais</i> Baldenstein, 1827</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Hippolais icterina</i> (Vieillot, 1817)  5;Q=0O ?5@5A<5H:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 !04>20O :0<KH>2:0  <i>Herbicola</i> Balatzki, 1995</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Herbicola dumetorum</i> (Blyth, 1849)  !04>20O :0<KH>2:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Herbicola palustris</i> (Bechstein, 1798)  >;>B=0O :0<KH>2:0* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H5>!!" +(+  ACROCEPHALINAE <font size="2">Salvin, 1882</font></H5> <H4> >4 0AB>OI0O :0<KH>2:0  <i>Acrocephalus</i> J.A. et F. Naumann, 1811</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Acrocephalus arundinaceus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  @>74>284=0O :0<KH>2:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 =489A:0O :0<KH>2:0  <i>Sollicitus</i> Balatzki, 1995</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Sollicitus agricola</i> (Jerdon, 1845)  =489A:0O :0<KH>2:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 0<KH>2:0-10@ACG>:  <i>Calamodus</i> 0u@, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Calamodus paludicola</i> (Vieillot, 1817)  5@B;O20O :0<KH>2:0 <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves072.htm"><small>Red book</small></a></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Calamodus schoenobaenus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  0<KH>2:0-10@ACG>: <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H2>!!" #!"+ !&+  PANURIDAE<font size="4"> Des Murs, 1860</font></H2> <H4> >4 #A0B0O A8=8F0  <i>Panurus</i> Koch, 1816</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Panurus biarmicus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  #A0B0O A8=8F0</H3> <br> <H2>!!" +  AEGITHALIDAE <font size="4"> Reichenbach, 1850</font></H2> <H4> >4 ?>;>2=8:  <i>Aegithalos</i> Hermann, 1804</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Aegithalos caudatus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  ?>;>2=8: <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Aegithalos-caudatus.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <br> <H2>!!"  ,+  REGULIDAE <font size="4"> Vigors, 1825</font></H2> <H4> >4 >@>;Q:  <i>Regulus</i> Cuvier, 1800</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Regulus regulus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  Q;B>3>;>2K9 :>@>;Q: <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H2>!!" !"'+  HIRUNDINIDAE <font size="4"> Rafinesque, 1815</font></H2> <H4> >4 5@53>20O ;0AB>G:0  <i>Riparia</i> T. Forster, 1817</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Riparia riparia</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  5@53>20O ;0AB>G:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Riparia diluta</i> (Sharpe et Wyatt, 1893)  ;54=0O ;0AB>G:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 0AB>G:0  <i>Hirundo</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Hirundo rustica</i> Linnaeus, 1758  5@525=A:0O ;0AB>G:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 >@>=>:  <i>Delichon</i> Horsfield et Moore, 1854</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Delichon urbicum</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >@>=>: <small>[A:]</small></H3> <br> <H2>!!" !&+  PARIDAE <font size="4"> Vigors, 1825</font></H2> <H4> >4 08G:0  <i>Poecile</i> Kaup, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Poecile montanus</i> (Baldenstein, 1827)  C@>3>;>20O 308G:0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Poecile-montanus.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <LI> <H3><i>Poecile cinctus</i> (Boddaert, 1783)  !5@>3>;>20O 308G:0*</H3> <H4> >4 %>E;0B0O A8=8F0  <i>Lophophanes</i> Kaup, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Lophophanes cristatus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  %>E;0B0O A8=8F0*</H3> <H4> >4 A:>20O A8=8F0  <i>Periparus</i> Slys-Longchamps, 1884</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Periparus ater</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  A:>2:0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Periparus-ater.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <H4> >4 07>@52:0  <i>Cyanistes</i> Kaup, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Cyanistes caeruleus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  07>@52:0* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Cyanistes cyanus</i> (Pallas, 1770)  5;0O ;07>@52:0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Cyanistes-cyanus.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <H4> >4 0AB>OI0O A8=8F0  <i>Parus</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Parus major</i> Linnaeus, 1758  >;LH0O A8=8F0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Parus-major.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <br> <H2>!!" +  SITTIDAE <font size="4"> Lesson, 1828</font></H2> <H4> >4 >?>;75=L  <i>Sitta</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Sitta europaea</i> Linnaeus, 1758  1K:=>25==K9 ?>?>;75=L <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Sitta-europaea.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <br> <H2>!!" )#%+  CERTHIIDAE <font size="4"> Leach, 1820</font></H2> <H4> >4 8ICE0  <i>Certhia</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Certhia familiaris</i> Linnaeus, 1758  1K:=>25==0O ?8ICE0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Certhia-familiaris.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <br> <H2>!!" +  REMIZIDAE <font size="4"> Olphe-Galliard, 1891</font></H2> <H4> >4 5<57  <i>Remiz</i> Jarocki, 1819</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Remiz pendulinus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  1K:=>25==K9 @5<57 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Remiz-pendulinus.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <br> <H2>!!" !"/)  ,  PASSERIDAE<font size="4"> Rafinesque, 1815</font></H2> <H4> >4 >;52>9 2>@>159  <i>Salicipasser</i> Bogdanow, 1879</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Salicipasser montanus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >;52>9 2>@>159 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Salicipasser-montanus.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <H4> >4 ><>2K9 2>@>159  <i>Passer</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Passer domesticus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  ><>2K9 2>@>159 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Passer-domesticus.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <br> <H2>!!" ,. +  FRINGILLIDAE <font size="4"> Leach, 1820</font></H2> <H5>!!" ,. +  FRINGILLINAE <font size="2">Leach, 1820</font></H5> <H4> >4 O1;8:  <i>Fringilla</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Fringilla coelebs</i> Linnaeus, 1758  O1;8: <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Fringilla-coelebs.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <LI> <H3><i>Fringilla montifringilla</i> Linnaeus, 1758  .@>: <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Fringilla-montifringilla.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <H5>!!" #!+  COCCOTHRAUSTINAE <font size="2">Swainson, 1831</font></H5> <H4> >4 C1>=>A  <i>Coccothraustes</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Coccothraustes coccothraustes</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  C1>=>A <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Coccothraustes-coccothraustes.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <H5>!!" ''&+  CARPODACINAE <font size="2">Bonaparte, 1854</font></H5> <H4> >4 1K:=>25==0O G5G528F0  <i>Erythrina</i> Brehm, 1828</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Erythrina erythrina</i> (Pallas, 1770)  1K:=>25==0O G5G528F0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Carpodacus-erythrinus.htm"> <small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <H4> >4 !818@A:0O G5G528F0  <i>Carpodacus</i> Kaup, 1829</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Carpodacus roseus</i> (Pallas, 1776)  !818@A:0O G5G528F0* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 #@03CA  <i>Uragus</i> Keyserling et Blasius, 1840</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Uragus sibiricus</i> (Pallas, 1773)  #@03CA <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Uragus-sibiricus.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <H5>!!" ! +  PYRRHULINAE <font size="2">Swainson, 1832</font></H5> <H4> >4 )C@  <i>Pinicola</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Pinicola enucleator</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  )C@* <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Pinicola-enucleator.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 !=538@L  <i>Pyrrhula</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Pyrrhula pyrrhula</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  !=538@L <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Pyrrhula-pyrrhula.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Pyrrhula cineracea</i> Cabanis, 1872  !5@K9 A=538@L* <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Pyrrhula-cineracea.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <H5>!!" #(+  CHLORIDINAE <font size="2">Sundevall, 1872</font></H5> <H4> >4 5;Q=CH:0  <i>Chloris</i> Cuvier, 1800</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Chloris chloris</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  5;Q=CH:0 <a href="2008_redbook.files/Aves075.htm"><small>Red book</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H5>!!" )+  CARDUELINAE <font size="2">Vigors, 1825</font></H5> <H4> >4 '86  <i>Spinus</i> Koch, 1816</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Spinus spinus</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  '86 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 )53>;  <i>Carduelis</i> Brisson, 1760</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Carduelis carduelis</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  'Q@=>3>;>2K9 I53>; <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Carduelis-carduelis.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small> </H3> <LI> <H3><i>Carduelis caniceps</i> Vigors, 1831  !54>3>;>2K9 I53>;* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 >=>?;O=:0  <i>Linaria</i> Bechstein, 1802</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Linaria cannabina</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >=>?;O=:0 <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Linaria flavirosris</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  >@=0O :>=>?;O=:0* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H4> >4 '5GQB:0  <i>Acanthis</i> Borkhausen, 1797</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Acanthis flammea</i> (Linnaeus, 1758)  '5GQB:0 <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Acanthis-flammea.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Acanthis hornemanni</i> (Holbll, 1843)  5?5;L=0O G5GQB:0* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <H5>!!" !"+  LOXINAE <font size="2">Brehm, 1831</font></H5> <H4> >4 ;QAB  <i>Loxia</i> Linnaeus, 1758</H4> <LI> <H3><i>Loxia pytyopsittacus</i> Borkhausen, 1793  ;QAB-A>A=>28:* <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Loxia curvirostra</i> Linnaeus, 1758  ;QAB-5;>28: <a href="ptitzy_NSO/Loxia-curvirostra.htm"><small>>G5@:</small></a> <small>[A:]</small></H3> <LI> <H3><i>Loxia leucoptera</i> J.F. Gmelin, 1789  5;>:@K;K9 :;QAB* <small>[A:]</small></H3> </LI> </OL> </P> <br></div></font> </fieldset> <fieldset><div style= "font-size:100%;margin:1px 1px 1px 1px;"> <legend><b>" "# </b></legend><div class="vrezka"> <div style= "font-size:80%;margin:1px 1px 1px 1px;"> <br> 1. <a href="../Publications/86.pdf" target="_blank"> <b>0;0F:89 .. </b></a> "0:A>=><8G5A:89 A?8A>: ?B8F >2>A818@A:>9 >1;0AB8/ CAA:89 >@=8B>;. 6C@=0;, -:A?@5AA-2K?CA:. 324: 643-664 A. !1, 2006. <br> 2. <a href="kotr.htm" target="_blank"> <b>0;0F:89 .. </b></a> >2>A818@A:0O >1;0ABL- :;NG520O >@=8B>;>38G5A:0O B5@@8B>@8O <564C=0@>4=>3> 7=0G5=8O. >2>A818@A:: "5@8480=", 2008. 12 A. <br> 3. <b>0;0F:89 ..</b> =Q740 ?B8F N30 0?04=>-!818@A:>9 @02=8=K. !?@02>G=8:. >2>A818@A:: "0C:0-&5=B@", 2009.  131 A. <br> 4. <b>Q<5 .., $;8=B ..</b> OB8O7KG=K9 A;>20@L =0720=89 682>B=KE. B8FK.  .: #!!, 1994.  845 A. <br> 5. <b>0H5: ..</b>  @0A?@>AB@0=5=8N ;5A=>3> 602>@>=:0 2 0?04=>9 !818@8/ 0B5@80;K : @0A?@>AB@0=5=8N ?B8F =0 #@0;5, 2 @8C@0;L5 8 0?04=>9 !818@8. :0B5@8=1C@3: 74-2> &quot;:0B5@8=1C@3&quot;, 2013. K?. 18. !. 25-26. <br> 6. <b>02@0=>2 -. </b> 0;QB ?@>AO=:8 <i>Miliaria calandra</i> 2 >2>A818@A:CN >1;0ABL/ CAA:89 >@=8B>;. 6C@=0;, -:A?@5AA-2K?CA:. 1041: 2684-2685 A. !1, 2014. <br> 7. <b>8<C;Q2 .$., (=0945@ .., =4@55=:>20 .., =4@55=:>2 .., &K1C;8= !.., 02:8= ..!., (B>;L .., >;10: .., 8<C;Q2 .., 5520 .., >AB5@8= .-., C:>2 .!., 0@B0?5B>2 ..</b>  ?B8F0E >:@5AB=>AB59 >2>A818@A:>3> :045<3>@>4:0/ 0B5@80-;K : @0A?@>AB@0=5=8N ?B8F =0 #@0;5, 2 @8C@0;L5 8 0?04=>9 !818@8. :0B5@8=1C@3, 2014. K?. 19. !. 37-46. <br> 8. <b>8<C;Q2 .$.</b>  "$# ! !  .  >2>A818@A:: 74-2> ! , 2017.  512 A. <br> 9. <b>C:>2 .!.</b> 0;QB <09=K <i>Acridotheres tristis</i> 2 >:@5AB=>AB8 >2>A818@A:0/ CAA:89 >@=8B>;. 6C@=0;, -:A?@5AA-2K?CA:. 597: 1655-1656 A. !1, 2010. <br> 10. <b>C:>2 .!.</b> >2K5, @54:85 8 <0;>87CG5==K5 ?B8FK 2 @09>=5 >2>A818@A:0/ !>2@5<5==K5 ?@>1;5<K =0C:8 8 >1@07>20=8O. K?. 3. 1-8 A. -;5:B@>==K9 =0CG=K9 6C@=0;, 2015. <br> 11. <b>@0A=0O :=830 >2>A818@A:>9 >1;0AB8: 682>B=K5, @0AB5=8O 8 3@81K</b>/ 5?0@B0<5=B ?@8@>4=KE @5AC@A>2 8 >E@0=K >:@C60NI59 A@54K >2>A818@A:>9 >1;0AB8.  >2>A818@A:: @B0, 2008.  528 A. <br> 12. <b>0B5@80;K : @0A?@>AB@0=5=8N ?B8F =0 #@0;5, 2 @8C@0;L5 8 0?04=>9 !818@8</b>: !1. AB0B59 8 :@0B:8E A>>1I5=89. :0B5@8=1C@3: #$ &quot;0C:0&quot;, 1995; :0B5@8=1C@3: 74-2> &quot;:0B5@8=1C@3&quot;, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2013. B2. @540:B>@- 4.1.=. .. O18F52. <br> 13. <b>8A0@52A:89 !5@359. </b> C;0=K9 6C;0=. $>B>8=D>@<0F8O =0 A09B5 <a href="http://sibirds.ru/v2photo.php?l=ru&s=052100274&n=1" target="_blank" title="B8FK !818@8"> "&+ ! </a>. <br> 14. <b> O18F52 ..</b> B8FK #@0;0, @8C@0;LO 8 0?04=>9 !818@8: A?@02>G=8:->?@545;8B5;L. :0B5@8=1C@3, 2008.  634 A. <br> 15. <b>'5@=KE =4@59.</b> !818@A:89 6C;0=. $>B>8=D>@<0F8O =0 A09B5 <a href="http://sibirds.ru/v2photo.php?l=ru&s=056900512&n=1&t=422&p=0&sortby=1&sor=desc&saut=0"_blank" title="B8FK !818@8"> "&+ ! </a>. <br> 16. <b>.4:8= .., .4:8=0 ".., 0;:>20 .., C:>2 .!., &K1C;8= !.., 0@B0?5B>2 .., @01>2A:89 .., 02:8= ..!., >1:>2 ..., ">@>?>2 .., 820=>2 !..</b> ! ! // "&+   !!. 740B5;LAB2>: .: . 2012. !. 298  330. <br><br> </div> </fieldset> </TD></TR> </TBODY></TABLE></CENTER></fieldset><BR> <bgsound src="../AVES/bereza-0101.wma" loop=1> </BODY></HTML>